The decentralized social network is made available for those who consider themselves Jehovah's witnesses but also for the persons of good will interested to know more about the Kingdom of God.

Community is a bridge of connection and it follows that people of good will are welcomed no matter the legal association, corporation, party or religion from which they are part of.
We do consider that there are many persons of good will which have more that unites them then they have which are breaking them apart. That's why we are proposing you to consolidate a community of persons devoted to Jehovah which are working together manifesting obedience to the Highest Authorities and to the Royal Instructions. 

Be up to date

Signup now to so you can be up to date with what is happening in the community.
The magazines that are in study, the progress of the paragraphs, bible text's analysis, different information, all this and many other are available on


The instance is a decentralized own instance which uses the Mastodon technology.
In this way the content of posts on your wall will be the one that you consider important for you and not what a corporation thinks that you must see.

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