The Mediawiki system as helper for jwunited platform

The free and open source project MediaWiki is being used to provide digitalized and digitalized and translated literature.
For translated and digitalized literature and can be accessed.
The literature published there is of two types, that is, digitized literature and digitezed and translated literature.

Digitized and translated literature

This literature is a transparent translation made in the JWunited community from English to Romanian and Hungarian.
The publishing system is very welcomed because the translation can be anytime consulted with the English original. Through a simple click it can be seen on the same screen in parallel the translated version and also the original in English.

Digitized literature

This literature is an exact copy made by the JWunited community of the original publications. 
This literature is an exact copy made by the JWunited community from the original publications published in Romanian and Hungarian languages. 
The original English literature can be accessed directly from our homepage.

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