Privacy Policy

When you visit the JWunited platform, data can be saved on your device using cookies, web beacons and similar technologies. The term cookies is not specific and can have a broader meaning in this Privacy Policy. The term includes technicalities like localStorage and other similar technologies. Cookies contribute to the functionality of the JWunited platform so that it can function correctly on your device and to provide us with information about how the users interact with our websites. We use this information to improve our JWunited platform. We do not seek to identify you as individual visitors.
Analytics. We do not use analytics systems to monitor the traffic on the JWunited platform. We do not record the general geographic vecinity of the visitors, the type of your operating system, browser. We do not store any personal identification information about you. With all these there could be active meters for the number and date of access of certain pages.
The choice is yours; Immediately after the JWunited platform has been accessed, our cookies could have already been transmitted to your browser and stored on your device. Using and subdomains you agree with using of cookies and similar technologies. The action to remove them from browser can be managed by you by browser settings. Please take note that without cookies could you might not benefit from all the JWunited platform's functionality. You can check the functionality Help from your browser to receive the intructions for how to remove cookies. 
When you contact us via email, we will use that information to respond. We will not sell that information. We make continuous efforts to respect the rights of the visitors of the JWunited platform and to be in conformity with the general reglementations about data protection (GDPR).

This website uses cookies to improve the website and your experience. By continuing to browse this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If you require further information or do not wish to accept cookies when using this website, please visit our Global Policy on Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies .