About Us

The JWunited community remains loyal to the original reglementations and instructions published by the faithful and discreet servant, transmitted by Jesus Christ, the King present at the Temple.


The purpose of this platform is the justification of Jehovah's name and the clear positioning for the Highest Authorities, which are Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. According to W.T. Highest Powers part I; Highest Powers part II; W.T. Paying back God's things to God
This project as well, shows the Kingdom of God as being the single solution for humankind. This follows to be installed soon all over the globe under the rule of Jesus Crist, the King.
The platform promotes the Kingdom of God by active participation at the witness work that is being given before Armageddon. Matthew 24:14; Revelation 16:16
The main activity of the platform is to put at anyone's disposal, free of charge, the bible message through the literature published by the WatchTower Bible & Tract Society before the year 1962.
The platform is a helper for all persons interested about the truth which manifest good will toward Iehova, but even more a helper for the people of God, which are Christ's Brothers, the remnant of the annointed.
The people of God are only the anointed ones and only them have received the name and brand of Jehovah's witnesses. Even if the JWunited community did not received directly this name, the literature of the faithful and discreet serve shows us that by the activity of promoting the Kingdom and by providing support the the anointed remnant, in fact we are also witnesses of Jehovah.

About us

Although in the midst of the communities that supports this platform there are not physically present members of the anointed remnant, we consider it present in our communities through the literature of the faithful and discreet slave.
We study and promote literature published by WatchTower Bible & Tract Society until 1962, when the respective Society changed the teaching about the meaning of the verses from Romans 13:1-7
We do recognize the teachings about Romans 13:1-7 of the WachTower Bible & Tract Society from 1929 until 1962 and not those after the year 1962 which corresponds with the Bible Students explanations before the year 1929.
We make every possible effort that the translated literature that we are making available to be in perfect conformity with the original. Please signal us any nonconformity with the original that might appear.


We invite all those that consider themselves to be Jehovah's witnesses to follow our activity and to actively involve themselves in the activity of promoting the message regarding the Kingdom of God and the justification of the name of the true God Jehovah.

About jw.org

Although this platform is not in collaboration with jw.org, we have no intention at all to fight against it. On the contrary, we discourage anyone who would like to harm this corporation. We do not agree with any person, association or corporation, government or any other entity who maliciously and unfairly harms this corporation.
We acknowledge that the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society corporation was chosen by Jehovah to give light to his people, but especially from 1962, she itself furthered away from the truths which came from the Temple, she itself promoting teachings from the time of darkness. About how she managed the treasures of the King she will respond to the One that gave her authority and not to men. Matthew 24:45-51
We do not consider that we have made our self our own organization. Jehovah's Organization is one and remaining loyal and in obedience to the royal Instructions we seek refuge in that Organization, which is not a corporation, firm or a legal association. We did not furthered away from that Organization, but on the contrary our purpose is to rebuild the clean and true worship in spirit and truth.
The main point for which we do not adhere to the present WatchTower corporation si that some of her teachings went back to the time of early morning. We give for example the teaching about Romans 13:1-7
We encourage the persons affiliated with the present WatchTower Bible and Tract Society to fulfill their work for the Kingdom and we invite them to follow the information and activity of this platform. We do consider that this information will be of great support to better understand the history and present of Jehovah's witnesses and also how can we make sure that our positioning is the one pleasing to the King.

Additional remarks

JWunited, that is Jehovah's witnesses united and specially the great multitude of people are united in a theocratic way by Jehovah God through the truth and mission entrusted to them. Any other additional unity similar with parties and legal associations that manifest sectary character, similar to the political parties and who pretend that they are the visible Organization of God on Earth, fragment the multitude of people  and they are elements who divide the theocratic unity provided by God. This division happen also by so called  mature servants and servants of responsibility, who like the elected elders were chosen by companies. These additional non-theocratic unities are like seedlings not planted by the heavenly Father. Matthew 15:13
They which form the great multitude class are all servants of God, and any individuals which pretend to have a greater divine authority over the others are impostors if they are not invested in conformity with the booklet Organization Instructions, that is invested by the faithful and discreet servant.  W.T. Organization from 1938
The congregations and general assemblies of different legal associations or corporations do not have theocratic authority to invest people in positions with divine authority in God's organization. In God's organization the one who appoints is higher that the one that is appointed. John 13:16

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