The single celebration commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ for christians.

The Memorial will take place on 4/12/25.
This command was given by the Lord Jesus Christ as it is written in Luke 22:19

Method of calculation

The date of the Memorial published here is based on the Theocratic Method published in the Watchtower Memorial of Founding the New World.
Hour at which to celebrate
According to Theocratic Instructions, this celebration must take place only after sunset and before midnight.
It then follows, that anyone who wants to celebrate this event, no matter where it should be localized on the planet, must wait for the sunset where it's location is, and the end of the event must happen before the midnight of where the people attending the memorial are.
The event will be transmitted online on at the Eastern Europe time and also transmitted on youtube.
More information will be posted on in the vecinity of the event.

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