We celebrate the Reign of the King

We celebrate the installation of the King Christ Jesus as King and Ruler of Earth in the year 1914.

The year 2024 marks 110 years of kingship. Jesus Christ is exercising his kingship over the Earth in the middle of his enemies from 1914. Psalms 110:2
We recommend the following base materials to promote the right understanding regarding the Presence of Mesiah:
Hope of a Tree
Tree of Hope
Messiah's Presence
The Sign that Messiah Is Present
The full justification of Jehovah's name is near. That will begin with the destruction of religion and after, all the remaining parts of Satan's organization will fight with each other, destroying themselves.
With that the Authority of the anointed King from 1914 will be extended in fact and evident on the entire planet through His Kingdom.
For urgent information about your positioning related to these truths we recommend: Sheep, Goats, and the King's Brothers

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