Guidelines of conduct in the online meetings

These recommendations have been created to ensure consistent and enjoyable online meetings.


All the participants are asked to connect with a few minutes before the bible study program begins.


Every participant is asked to identify itself with a user name or nickname. This is being done while connected, through the platform's menu.

Camera usage

It is recommanded to turn of the camera during the meetings.

Setting the microphone on mute

Be sure that during the meeting your microphone is muted. When the moderator indicates to you to speak, unmute your microphone to be able to be heard by others. When your message is finalized always please put back the microphone on mute.

Technical issues

The performance and stability are highly influenced on your internet connection. Please make sure that for the meetings you use the best internet connectivity. For a better performance and stability we recommend the usage of Chrome or Firefox

No sound

Make sure that you have connected properly your speakers or headsets. Click on the refresh while in call or press F5, or click again on the initial link, with other words try to reenter in the call.

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