What is about to happen on this planet is linked with the Warning that Jehovah has given even from the year 1946 upon to the so called Christendom.

Very big financial crises, major changes of the financial systems and of the political systems, the persecution of all those who does not conform themselves with the political and religious ideas of this world, revolts, social unrest, all these and many other were prophesied and announced in Jehovah's Warning.

The prophecy written and transmitted

And Jehovah spake unto me yet again, saying, Forasmuch as this people have refused the waters of Shiloah tat go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah's son; now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the River, strong and many, even the king of Assyria and all his glory: and it shall come up over all its channels, and go over all its banks; and it shal sweep onward into Judah; it shall overflow and throught; it shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of its wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel. - Isaiah 8:5-8, Am. Stan. Ver.

Waters of Shiloah

The waters of Shiloah represent the waters of truth about the covenant of God that governs the messianic kingdom. These waters represent the divine promise that Messiah, The Great Prince in the Kingdom of God, will come through the line of descendants of King David and not by other descendants.
The gentile and small trickle of Shiloah compares with the proclamation of the Kingodom covenant made by the small number of Jehovah's witnesses, who are so small in the eyes of Christendom, proclamation which is like the gentile waters of Shiloah.

This People rejoice in conspiracy

This people, that is the so called Christendom, has refused the spiritual waters of Shiloah and have refused with determination the Kingodm. They rejoice in the international conspiracy of the leaders and rullers against the kingdom covenant with Christ Jesus.
They are rejoicing in leaders and rulers like Rezin and Pekah, which rulers are not in the kingdom covenant of God and they are not worshiping Jehovah as God. Common people  joins them, be it actively, morally to the religious efforts to silence or nullify the message of Jehovah's witnesses.
God will bring especially upon the Christendom the destructive armies of Satan's world organization, as they are pictured by the Assyrian King with all his glory. There are many parts that compose Satan's organization. God Almighty will maneuver these so that they will fight against one another to destroy, beginning first with the commercial and political elements against the religious element.

Jehovah warns his people

The prophecy of Isaiah warns God's people that the final flood of the antitypical king of Assyria, Satan the Devil, with all his world forces, will sweep against them in all parts of the earth.
The purpose behind this onrush of enemy waters of the postwar world under Satan is to seep away or overwhelm everyone that does not conform himself to the world's political and religious ideas.
It will be just before the universal battle of Armageddon is due to break out. Although the flood appears up to the neck and about ready to submerge the organization of Jehovah's witnesses upon the earth, they must not yield to fear. They will trust in the covert of Jehovah's wings. (Ps. 61: 4) They will have confidence in Isaiah's words uttered long ago in the face of like danger: And the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, 0 Immanuel. -Isa. 8:8. 

Satan's objective

The situation now calls for all-out war, by his total world, against Jehovah's King of the new world, who has come to power according to the everlasting covenant for the King­dom. Therefore Satan organizes all the nations of earth into a resistance bloc not to accept Jehovah's King but to arm themselves for the fray at Armageddon.
Jehovah foresaw this international organized resistance against his kingdom after its establishment over this earth. Hence he foretold it as due in these postwar times. God desires that the peoples and countries that are afar off from him and his favor should know that he sees what they are attempting to do and that he foredooms it to failure.
The prophecy of Isaiah 8:8-9 foretold two efforts of global unity by all nations. The League of Nations and United Nations; Remarkably, we are now living at the time when the second girding has been effected. The hopes of these world are pinned to this UN.
The peoples do not realize the ulterior objective of the world organization for peace and security of the nations. True, the United Nations organization has the approval and support and blessing of all the religions of Christendom. Nevertheless, the peoples do not see that the new confederacy of the nations is against the kingdom of Jehovah God which now operates through his King, Christ Jesus, since the close of the Gentile times A.D. 1914. The hidden but real intent of the new international organization was foreshadowed by the purpose of the international combination twenty-six centuries ago in the day of King Ahaz of the royal house of David. In his days the kingdom of Syria made an aggressive alliance with the kingdom of Israel headed by the tribe of Ephraim against Judah.

JWunited does not take part to the conspirancy

It is impossible for us to do so, because this post­-war conspiracy of the united nations is for world peace and security by their own political, commercial, social, military and religious institutions. It is a conspiracy against Jehovah's kingdom covenant and its everlasting Heir, Christ Jesus.
It seeks to exercise the world domination under the great anti­typical Assyrian instead of letting the kingdom of Jehovah by Christ Jesus dominate. As Jehovah's witnesses did not feared the Nazi-Fascist-religious conspiracy or feared the League of Nations that went into the abyss at the beginning of the World War II. This postwar peace-and-security creature of the nations is the same creature risen again from the abyss.


When the hordes of the antitypical Assyrian finally overspread the earth under the world con­ spiracy, and when the flood of their totalitarian regimentation seems to reach even up to the neck with the threat of destruction to all those not yielding, be firm and immovable for the everlasting kingdom of Jehovah's covenant with his anointed
The final effort of the enemy's world conspiracy at universal domination will fail! The victory will be with those who stand true and faithful for the Theocratic Government of Immanuel, for God is with us.
For more information we recommend the Watchtower Warning.

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