The Higher Powers

The nations are being aligned to the final point foretold by the Bible, that is Armageddon. There it will take place the final confrontation between Jehovah's forces and Satan's forces, in this way being solved  once and for all the rulership of this planet and of the entire Universe.

Current situation

Many say that they could not have never imagined that in this modern era they would see the wars that they are now seeing which could even lead to World War III and they don't know what to believe when they see their rights and freedoms attacked or removed. They could have never believed that in the so called „Christian nations” people could be arrested or persecuted for expressing themselves in public and for using their freedom of speech.

Random or Deliberately?

What is the explanation for all these sudden events? Are all these events happening randomly in the human society, or are they deliberately generated and introduced in the human society through the rulers of the nations? An objective observer could notice that all the above mentioned events are apparent in sync one with another to make the situation go from bad to worse. And the most important question: Is God involved in all these?

Romans 13:1-7 applied to the worldly governments or to Jehovah and Christ Jesus?

The so called Christian religion is teaching that every Christian must render obedience the the earthly rulers because they apply Romans 13:1-7  to the governments of the nations. If this interpretation of the Scripture were to be right than the interpretation would necessarily lead to the conclusion that God is involved in these matters.

Facts and the correct interpretation

All the today events are linked with one major starting event that is World War I. At that point all Nations were angry and in turmoil, because of one reason: the fulfillment of Revelation 12:7-12 . In 1914 the times of the Gentiles have expired, and Christ Jesus has been enthroned as King and began the judgement period, more information here.
Jesus Christ's offensive started in 1914 against Satan and his organization and it was temporarily suspended after Satan and his fallen angels were cast out from heaven down to earth, like it was foretold  in Matthew 24:21-22 because of the gathering of his witnesses and the witness work that should be carried on and completed before Armageddon was to be resumed.

Totalitarianism postponed

Even though plans were established by powerful people under the influence of Satan to enslave humanity under totalitarian political regimes, the stable fulfillment of those plans was not entirely possible because of the influence of the Righteous King enthroned in 1914. The King intervened especially in the so called Christendom to make sure that in society there would be the needed liberties for people in order to have Jehovah's witnesses to be able to go and speak about the Kingdom of God and to give the announcement that the King Jesus has been enthroned and soon everything will be changed on this planet. He intervened by sending his four angels as it is written in Revelation 7:1-3  to keep away the symbolic winds of destruction.

Jehovah's visible organization in action

God loving persons beginning at around the year 1879 began to study the Word of God rigorously and they found major discrepancies between what is written in the Bible and what the so called Christian religion is teaching. These were called Bible Students. God saw their dedication and has discovered gradually the sealed correct interpretations of the Scriptures . One of the most important revelation was published for the first time in the WatchTower magazine in 1 and 15 June 1929 with the title „The Higher Powers” part 1 and part 2.
The explanation is of divine nature and discovers something that no one ever knew until then that is that the verses from Romans 13:1-7  does not apply to the human governments, but it does apply to Jehovah and Christ Jesus enthroned in 1914 and those of Christ Body that receive authority. This means that the teaching known as „divine right of kings” has been canceled once and for all.
These revelations, coming from the King Jesus Christ enthroned in 1914, given to his people has clearly enlightened them to understand that there are two opposed organizations being active on this planet, each having a visible and invisible part. On one side there is the organization of God composed of it's invisible part that is Jehovah God, His King, the angels, those from the Church that began being resurrected from 1918, and his visible part, that is God's adopted children on Earth, the remnant. 

Satan's organization

On the other side is Satan's organization composed of Satan himself, the fallen angels, and his visible part that is composed of the following main 3 elements: religion, politics and Big Bussiness. Through all these 3 elements Satan keeps people under his influence. The first organized manifestation of Satan's visible part, from the time when he was cast out from heavens in 1914, was the League of Nations in 1920. That failed and the second attempt (which is also the last) started in 1945 with The United Nations .

Jehovah's witnesses

The remnant, that is the adopted Children of God began doing the witness work in obedience to the King as described in Matthew 24:14 . With that witness, a choice has been given to the people and nations all over the earth to take side with one or the other organization. Many people of good will understood the choice and took refugee at God's organization. The remnant together with these were known from 1931 as Jehovah's witnesses. For more information check out W.T. The Convention.

The foretold flood of totalitarian forces

Because the strange work of Jehovah's witnesses is at it's end no more civil liberties are needed in society and every thing will collapse soon. God is not responsible for the acts of Satan's organization. Armageddon will start with the execution of the sentence of the King's judgement against the so called „Christian religion” because it was the first to fight against Jehovah's witnesses and to turn the people and nations from the truth of God, with their wrong teachings. Jehovah's witnesses will not manifest any violence against Satan's organization. Jehovah through his King and his angels will do this. Please find more information about The Warning from 1946

The Position of Jehovah's witnesses that support the JWunited project (not affiliated with

The final confrontation, between the two organizations, that will very soon take place on earth is near. This was illustrated by the confrontation between Pharaoh of Egypt in the time of Exodus and Jehovah God acting through Moses and Aaron. Jehovah's witnesses that support the JWunited project are for the Greater Moses, Christ Jesus applying the divine and correct interpretation of the text written in Romans 13:1-7 described in the WatchTower magazine in 1 and 15 June 1929 with the title „The Higher Powers” part 1 and part 2.
Learn more and take your stand NOW. On which side do you want to be? Jehovah's Supreme Authority will prevail against the antitypical Pharaoh, the Devil. After that the earth will become a Paradise under the righteous rule of the Kingdom through Christ Jesus. There will be no more death, wars, and decease. Humanity will finally accomplish it's destiny and purpose. Learn more and be yourself a survivor of the great Battle of Armageddon.
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