Original publications of Jehovah's witnesses, a beacon of light for humanity

Science, history, philosophy, past, present and future, all these are found in the word of God, the bible.

Through the provisions of Jehovah and King Jesus Christ enthroned in 1914, the treasure of publications for the benefit of people has been produced to guide them at the correct interpretation and knowledge of the bible.

Participate online to the Jehovah's Witnesses gatherings

Most of our meetings are like discussions in a course that include audience participation. Meetings begin and end with prayer and song.

You don’t have to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses to attend our meetings. We invite everyone to participate. Participation is free.

Jehovah's Witnesses literature digitalized with accuracy

Published many years ago, Jehovah's Witnesses literature is today a real help for people who want to learn more about Jehovah and his Kingdom.

The jwunited community makes considerable efforts to ensure that the literature is published in perfect accordance with the original materials originally published by WatchTower Bible & Tract Society. The content of this platform is based on free involvement of individuals like you.

Get involved now and help promote the interests of God's Kingdom.

Jehovah's Witnesses faith without compromise

The jwunited team proposes to all individual persons (no matter what organisation are part of) who considers themselves Jehovah's Witnesses, to unite around the promotion of God's Kingdom interests by the most modern and efficient means.

JWUNITED is not in collaboration with the actual WatchTower Bible & Tract Society (jw.org). They maintain strong position for the present and original spiritual teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses revealed by the light of God at the proper time. (Proverbs 4:18) The systems of jwunited.org promote the bible message regarding God's Kingdom.

The jwunited community does not aim to resolve various disputes that may arise between various associations or communities.

While the jwunited.org community respects everyone's position, it does not manifest interest for traditions and specific customs that can arouse in different communities.

jwunited, that is, Jehovah's Witnesses united and especially the "great multitude" are theocratically united by Jehovah God through the truth and mission entrusted to them.

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